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Monster Sports & Fitness is an entirely new type of fitness facility, offering a highly unique and advanced approach to fitness. We motivate our clients to get into the gym on a regular basis in order to improve their overall health, fitness and mental clarity. We are a multi-sport training facility, able to appeal to a wide variety of people who enjoy different types of exercise and self improvement.

At monster, we offer clients a wide variety of physical training styles and formats. This includes traditional free weights and exercise equipment, multiple mixed martial arts disciplines (jiu jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and bag work), functional training, exercise bootcamps, group interval workouts, one on one personal training, body weight workouts, sport specific training and rehabilitation workouts.

In addition to a wide variety of work-out formats, one of the benefits at Monster Fitness is the cross-training opportunities. We bring you the ability to train across multiple formats – something that simply doesn’t exists at any single/double format gyms!

Our gym is a positive and encouraging environment to motivate and lift up any individual looking to improve themselves physically and mentally! This includes students and young professionals, mature adults, individuals wanting to try a new style of exercise (e.g. Mixed Martial Arts, triathlons, etc.), fitness enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes. 

Our trainers and employees are committed to assisting our members in every way possible to accomplish their fitness goals, focusing on our core values of encouragement, positive motivation, consistency and physical discipline.

Our gym starts with the core premise of health and fitness. We combine functional training and exercise with mma and bodybuilding. We offer group classes, personal training and mma training components.